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cover of the female on male domination storybook teenage domination part 1 available from battle annals


extract from the female on male domination storybook teenage domination part 1 available from battle annals


Teenage domination part 1

 John Carter a, fifteen year old school boy. He was of slim build with short brown hair brown. About 5'9” tall. John was mad with Jane. Jane summers, and her two friends, Debbie, and Shena. It was not the first time they had teased him. It certainly wouldn't be the last.

Only yesterday on the way home from school. All three of them had jumped on him. After wrestling John to the ground. They stole his tie shoelaces and belt, and threw them in the middle of a thorn bush. The thorns scratched and cut his hands. As  he recovered his belt and tie. To the girls great amusement his trousers slipped down  to his ankles. Allowing them a good display of his red underpants. John had walked home red faced, and fuming.

The next day John was waiting outside the changing rooms for a PE lesson. Jane, Shena and Debbie walked by. Debbie Jones was his friend Mark's twin sister, un-identical twin sister. Shena brooks was her friend. Jane was a new comer to the school. Debbie, and Shena had been all right until Jane arrived. Jane was modern  girl head strong independent, not afraid of boys.  Her influence had rubbed of on Debbie and Shena. Making them almost as bad as her.

They were giggling and pointing at him. Miss Marshal the new sports teacher arrived, and ordered the boys into the changing room. That was another embarrassment a female gym teacher. As John got to the door Jane held up a pair of boys football shorts and a football shirt. All three girls started to giggle even more. "Inside and change girls", shouted Miss Marshal. The girls hurried to their own changing room.

John stripped to his underpants. When he opened his sports bag to take out his kit. Their giggling was explained. His kit was missing. The shirt, and short must have been his. They had also taken his socks, and trainers. John was very annoyed he now had to tell Miss Marshall, he had no kit. When Mr James the old Gym master was there. John would have received couple of whacks with the slipper and told to watch. When Miss Marshall took over things changed. Her rule was that, any boy or girl who forgot their kit. Would have to do PE in their underwear. The girls never had to suffer this fate. As they could always fall back on the excuse it was the time of the month.

John knocked on Miss Marshalls door. "Sorry Miss I've forgot my kit", said John. "Not another one", sighed Miss Marshall. "Gym in your underwear then silly boy", she said clipping John round the ear. John walked into the gym his ear was still stinging. A great cheer went up from the girls. As John did not wear a vest. He entered the gym bare foot and wearing only his red and white Y-fronts. "Silence", shouted Miss Marshall the cheering ceased immediately.

Miss Marshall got the girls started at gymnastics, she then divided the boys in half. Put one half on the vaulting horse. John's half were put on rope climbing. "Six times up, and down each", ordered Miss Marshall.

John, and the other two boys started up the ropes. They had to take turns as there was only three ropes. Ian Mires held the rope for him. John was just at the top for the second time. When he felt the rope move beneath him. "Watch it Ian", he shouted.  The rope still moved. When he looked down Ian was not holding the rope it was Jane.

She smiled up at him. As John started back down. She gave the rope a sharp flick. A large loop shot up the rope towards John. The loop went thwack between John's legs. When John reached the floor  all he could do was bend over holing the rope,  trying  to ease  the  ache in his balls. "Miss Marshall shouted over, "No slacking John get on with it". "Yes Miss", answered John. As he glared at Ian Mires. Wondering why he let Jane Take the rope like that.

However John new the reason Ian Mires and obeyed Jane. Jane had made Ian her first thrall at her new school. John had wondered what thrall meant, he had been shocked when he found it meant slave. Before Jane had made Ian her thrall. Ian had been one of John's group of four boys who always hung around together. Admittedly he had been the weakest member always picked on and bullied by the others. However he had been one of the team after all.

Ian was like John he had no kit he was doing PE in his green vest, and pants. Jane made sure he never had his kit every week. She confiscated it before the lesson. No doubt where she got the idea from he thought. As Ian was a regular offender.  Miss Marshall would give him six whacks with a gym slipper for his failure to remember his Kit. Plus one nights gym detention, not a pleasing though for anyone. On Gym detention she really put the offender through it. I bet his arse is still smarting thought John. Well his balls will be aching soon. Just like mine he thought. As spasm passed through them reminding him of their tender state.

John could remember the day it happened. John, Mark, Ian, and Simon, Simon Grey the fourth member of their group where all sitting in a line in class. Ian was between Mark on his right, and John on his left. While Simon sat on the left of John. Ian clearly had the worst seat, but John's wasn't much better.  The boys were playing balls, and the game had been running all day. A game played by adolescent males. In which they try to inflict pain on each others genitals. The ritual having it's depths in homosexual behavior typical of young men experimenting after reaching puberty. Anyone in between two other players is at a distinct disadvantage. Ian, and John were positioned so.

Mark was the best player followed by John, then Simon, and Ian. John had lost concentration during the morning’s game. He had Simon, and Ian between himself and Mark. Allowing Simon to score two easy and very painful hits against him. One when he was not paying attention and one while he was doubled up from the first blow. The rules were that the high scorers always sat on the outside. John now sat on the inside he had dropped down the pecking order. Temporarily he hoped.

The Rules also stated that a player’s knees had to be touching the legs of the desk at all times. This left the players groin wide open to attack. A player could defend himself but not close his legs. Any player who did close his legs inflicted a penalty on himself. All the other players were allowed a free swipe at his groin. The points scoring double, and sending the offender to the bottom of the pecking order.

Mark feinted, and swipe at Ian's groin, Ian's hands blocked it. However Ian left himself vulnerable to attack from John. Ian gasped as John knuckled him in the balls.  John new as he attacked Ian he was vulnerable to attack from Simon. John saw Simon move in the corner of his eye. He acted instinctively, and quickly sank his fist into Simon's groin. As Simon leaned over to knuckle John's

Ian, and Simon were both doubled over their desks. They dare not close their legs. In this position with the mind on two things at once. The pain in their groins, and trying to defend themselves, left them vulnerable to follow up attacks. Which added to the agony they were suffering. The four boys sat about half way back in the class. Jane Debbie, and Shena sat on the opposite side other the class, at the back.

Debbie saw Ian jump then lay his head on the desk. She then saw Simon do the same thing. "What are they doing", she whispered to Jane. "There playing balls", replied Jane. "What's balls", asked Debbie. They try to hit each other in the balls, and score points when they do", answered Jane. "The boys used to play it at my old school", she added. "Till I joined in, and became champion", said Jane. "When no boys balls were safe from my attack", she stated. "It got so bad for the little weakies that they stopped playing", she added. "So only the girls play it now", she said finally.

With Simon out of the running for a little while, allowed John to concentrate on Ian. Ian was in a very bad position doubled up between Mark, and John. Ian Managed to keep Mark's and John's first few attacks out. But he had to bow to the inevitable. Mark got him with a knuckle to the balls. Which, was instantly followed by one from John. Ian was in a terrible state his balls were really killing him. All he could do was lie there head on the desk. His whole attention concentrated on his aching balls.

Mark decided to go for the killer, the blow that would leave Ian at their mercy. Not that he wasn't already. The game was going very well, and they  would put Ian through it for the rest of the lesson. Mark slammed his knuckle hard and true into Ian's already battered balls. The blow landing clear in the centre of Ian's sack. Mark was definitely a master at this game.

The pain was so great Ian could not stop him self from jumping and crying out. "I said silence shouted", Miss Smith the history teacher. "Mires come here boy", ordered the teacher. Ian walked to front of the class. Trying to but completely hiding his suffering. "Touch your toes Mires", ordered the teacher. She then landed six whacks with a gym slipper to Ian's arse. Three to each cheek. Ian now had aching balls and a smarting backside.

"Return to your seat Mires", ordered Miss Smith. "No not there some where else", she said changing her mind. "Where is there an empty seat", she asked the class. "Here Miss", said Jane quickly reading the situation, and moving across one seat. So the chair between her and Debbie was vacant. "There boy sit there", ordered Miss Smith.

Ian walked red faced to the empty seat between Jane, and Debbie. All the time Jane stared at him smiling. She had enjoyed his slippering.  But Ian saw more in her eyes it seemed to Ian that Jane knew about his other suffering. But how could she know, but Jane did know much. Ian did not know it then. He was walking out of one group to join another. Leaving a male group to join a female group. Ian had been the runt of the boy’s team. The weakest the one always picked on. He was going to be the runt of his new team.

Ian sat down carefully between Jane and Debbie. He did not know how to sit his arse still smarting from the slippering. Ian lay his head on the desk and sighed, as the agony in his balls began to lessen. At least he was safe from attack here, his balls would not suffer any more agonies for the moment.

By Friar FFF Battle-annals copyright 1994 full version available from were you can enjoy the rest of theboys experiences the good and bad of being dominated by the girls.

cover of the female on male domination storybook CFNM coach available from battle annals


extract from the female on male domination storybook CFNM coach available from battle-annals


CFNM Coach

Samuel Dobson was a sporting undergraduate working his way through university and a degree for sports management. Sam was nineteen a keen swimmer and member of the university swimming and diving teams. Sam was also a good athlete good at sprinting and hurdling. Sam was 5’ 7” with a slim athletic body weighing 140 lb. Sam had short brown hair and grey eyes and hairy arms, legs and upper body. Sam looked good in brief tight speedos that he liked to wear when swimming or diving which made him popular with the female undergraduates at university. The ladies thought Sam was sexy and cute particularly in his little speedos. The end the semester was approaching and he was still trying to locate summer employment hopefully as swimming coach for summer schools. Unfortunately he was either too young of did not have enough experience for the posts he applied for being turned down again and again.

Then his luck changed when noticed a position for a swimming and athletic coach for a private girls school summer training camp. It was only for seven weeks intensive training. The coach was required to whip the girls into shape to pass tests for them to enter a top American sporting university the girls needed to pass the academic as well and physical exams to obtain scholarships. The university specialised in swimming and athletics. Sam decided to try it sending off his application expecting to be turned down either by letter or at the job interview that had happened several times. Sam got pass the first hurdle and was now waiting out side the office of the head mistress for his interview.

The interview with Mrs Maynard went very well. She admitted that they were really looking for older more experienced coach but she was impressed with him and was prepared to offer Sam the post subject to him passing the schools strict medical examination and a subsequent physical test. “I would like to finalise things to day if you don’t mind”, Mrs Maynard told Sam. “If you are willing we can do the medical now the school nurse is fully qualified and carries out all the medicals for the school staff?”, she added. Sam agreed eager to obtain the post. He followed Mrs Maynard to the nurse’s office that had the equivalent of a doctor’s surgery attached to it along with a black leather examination couch. Sam couldn’t help noticing how much taller the head Mistress was that him several inches and that she had a very athletic looking body for middle aged women revealed by her tight clothing. After completing the standard medical questionnaire for employment with the school the nurse she showed them into her surgery and asked Sam to strip to his underpants for the physical examination.

Sam went behind the double green screens and stripped down to his underpants a brief black cotton slip that contrasted with his pale skin. When he emerged from behind the screens he was surprised to see that Miss Maynard was with the nurse in the surgery. “A nice healthy looking young man wouldn’t you agree nurse?”, Mrs Maynard said as she stared at Sam in just his underpants. “A little hairy for my taste but he looks like it but we shall find out just how healthy he is”, the nurse replied. Sam felt self conscious and a little uncomfortable at being nearly naked in front of the two middle aged women. The nurse he could understand but why Mrs Maynard was there was puzzling him but he wanted the post and so said nothing. As Sam walked over and stood next to the nurse it was clear she was taller than him also by several inches and her nurses outfit was tight fitting on her athletic but clearly all female body.

First the nurse tested Sam’s breathing using her stethoscope then she used her small hammer to test his reactions. She checked his eyes and inside his mouth. “Take off your briefs and lean over the couch please”, the nurse said. Sam stood up and conscious of both women watching him remove his underpants and leant over the couch. “Put your briefs on the couch you won’t need them until we are finished”, the nurse said checking and flicking a thermometer. Sam dropped his briefs on the bench wondering how long they would keep him naked. Sam blushed when the nurse insert the thermometer up his bum to take his temperature. The feel of the thermometer entering Sam’s bum made his cock stiffen. When the nurse did the cough test feeling Sam’s balls he blushed more and his cock got a little harder so it now stood half raised. The nurse had long brightly painted nails and they dug into Sam’s scrotum when she tested them for lumps making Sam wince and his cock stiffen even more.

The nurse pricked Sam’s finger for a blood test then handed him a stainless steel bed pan. “Give me a sample of your urine in this”, the nurse said. “Also a semen sample in this”, she added handing Sam a small glass dish. Sam took them and stared back at thee nurse. “Any time you are ready?”, the nurse said. Blushing again Sam placed the bed pan and the dish on the couch and knelt over it and clasped his cock that stiffened a little more. Same felt even more self conscious and it took a little while before he could piss in the bed pan. “Thank you now the semen sample please”, the nurse said taking the bed pan away. Sam’s cock was now really stiff poking out embarrassingly from his groin.

Sam his face bright red started to stroke his stiff cock while the nurse and Mrs Maynard watched closely. It took Sam even longer to cum and deposit his semen into the little dish conscious all the time of the older women watching him. “Thank you”, the nurse said taking the small glass dish from Sam. “Thank you nurse let me have the results as quickly as possible”, Mrs Maynard said. “Mr Dobson please come with me I will explain what the coaching job entails and introduce you to you would-be employers”, Mrs Maynard told Sam. “Can I get dressed first?”, Sam asked. “Certainly not now come along”, Mrs Maynard replied. “But its a girls school I can’t walk around naked?”, Sam said shocked. “Don’t worry term is over no-one else is here no-one will see you”, Mrs Maynard replied.

Come along now”, Mrs Maynard said striding outside the nurses office. Sam had no choice but to trot along nervously behind her. Sam felt even more self conscious and embarrassed as he walked naked behind Mrs Maynard back to her office. As Sam followed Mrs Maynard back to her office he was horrified to see another middle aged woman coming towards him. There was a lot of people about for a school that was supposed to be closed and empty and they all seemed to be female. “Ah Caroline how can I help you?”, Mrs Maynard asked the portly short woman who met them in the corridor. “Mrs Greshem is here head mistress I showed her into your office”, Caroline told Mrs Maynard. “Excellent well done”, Mrs Maynard replied.

Caroline this is Mr Samuel Dobson applicant for the training coach Mrs Gresham and I require. “I see head mistress”, Caroline replied glancing at Sam as he stood there naked and feeling embarrassed. “Caroline is the school secretary Mr Dobson”, Mrs Maynard told Sam. Sam nodded noting that Caroline’s eyes were centred on his semi stiff cock that was half raised and poking out from the sparse wisps of brown pubic hair around his genitals. “Please collect his notes and forms from the nurse and draw up the contract”, Mrs Maynard said. “Off course head mistress I will bring them to your office when they are ready”, Caroline replied. “Very good Caroline”, Mrs Maynard said. “Come along Mr Dobson there is a lot to do and no time to waste”, Mrs Maynard added and strode off. Sam shuffled off after Mrs Maynard his semi stiff cock swinging from side to side as he tried to keep up with Mrs Maynard. Sam’s cock was now a little stiffer after his naked encounter with the school secretary.

Although it was summer it was a cool over cast day and the corridors were also cool and Sam had goose bumps all over and feet felt really cold from walking on cool stone floor and he was glad when he reached Mrs Maynard’s office that was at least carpeted. Mrs Maynard led Sam back into her office sat in one of the chairs in front of desk was another well dressed middle aged woman. Sam guessed it had to be Mrs Greshem one of his prospective employers. “Hello Daphne sorry to keep you waiting”, Mrs Maynard said to the woman sat in front of her desk. “Oh that’s all right Katherine”, Mrs Greshem replied. “Daphne this is Samuel Dodson who I believe is the ideal candidate we have been looking for”, Mrs Maynard told Mrs Gresham. “Samuel this is Daphne Greshem one of your prospective employers”, Mrs Maynard said introducing Mrs Gresham and Sam to each other.

Hello Samuel”, Mrs Greshem said taking a good look at Sam’s naked body finally concentrating on his genitals. “Hello Mrs Gresham”, Sam said blushing again at being naked in front of another fully clothed middle aged woman. Sam felt his cock stiffen a little more and saw the faintest signs of a smile on Mrs Greshem’s lips. “Oh please call Me Daphne”, Mrs Greshem replied. “Yes Samuel lets use first manes from now on”, Mrs Maynard said. “Thank you Katherine I will”, Sam replied. “Please call me Sam that’s what most people call me”, he added. “Well I think Samuel is a nice name and I will use that”, Katherine said. “I agree Katherine”, Daphne said. “Well Samuel if you haven’t already guessed I am your other prospective employer”, Katherine said as she sat in her large leather chair behind her desk. “Please take a seat Samuel”, Katherine added gesturing to the chair next to Daphne’s. “Thank you”, Sam said and sat down.

Your job Samuel will be to coach our daughters to help them pass their physical tests for there US university entrance exams and to be good enough to earn them a scholar ship each”, Katherine told Sam. “My daughter Deborah is a top class swimmer the best in the school and hopes to graduate with honours from the US university but to do that she has to earn a scholar ship first”, Katherine added. “Yes Samuel my daughter Samantha is the best sprinter and hurdler in the school and needs to do the same”, Daphne said. “Now I see why you think I’m suited to the job even though I’m not experienced”, Sam replied. “Yes it was your unique combination of sporting skills that attracted you to us”, Katherine said. “While we said you would be a coach that is not strictly true you will have to swim and run with our daughters to push them enough to reach the standard they need to be at”, Katherine added. “So what do you think Samuel do you think you can do it?”, Daphne asked. “Yes I think so”, Sam replied. “Of course it will be subject to you passing our physical test”, Katherine said. “Physical test?”, Sam asked slightly puzzled. “A swimming and running trial”, Katherine replied. “Oh I see”, Sam said.

Saying you can do something is one thing Samuel but this is too important to be left to chance therefore we have to know you can do it”, Katherine said. “That is understandable”, Sam replied. “We have set up some hurdles in the gym to see how well you can sprint and hurdle”, Katherine told Sam. “Then we can go to the swimming pool for your swimming trial”, she added. “Everything is ready then?”, Daphne asked. “Yes it is”, Katherine replied. “OK Samuel come along lets get this over with”, Katherine said standing up. “Yes lets do that”, Daphne said standing up. Sam got up and followed the two women out of the office and back along the corridors to the gymnasium. Daphne was taller than Sam with another fit athletic body her thighs wee particularly large displayed by her short dress and black stockings. All these middle aged women were tall and athletic and Sam wondered if all the women in the CFNM society were like this where they all Amazons keeping their males subdued and in control

As Sam followed Daphne and Katherine down the corridors to the gymnasium he thought he understood the situation a little better and what they were looking for and what they expected of him. But what he still couldn’t understand was why they were making him do everything naked and what the possibly could have to do with coaching their daughters. “Here we are”, Katherine said leading them through a set of double doors into a large gymnasium. One side there was a row of hurdles the correct number and spaced like they would be on the straight section of a running track. “As you can see the gymnasium is more than a hundred metres long so we should be able to test both your sprinting and your hurdling”, Katherine said as she showed them around the gymnasium. “Proof enough if he passes?”, Katherine asked Daphne. “Yes I think it will settle the issue”, Daphne replied.

At each end of the gymnasium portable barrier posts mark the start and end of a hundred metres exactly”, Katherine explained. “You will sprint between them as fast as you can while we time you”, Katherine told Sam. “You will also traverse the hurdles several times to ensure you not only can do it quickly enough back accurately enough with few but preferably no hurdles knocked over”, she added. “OK I think I can do that satisfactorily”, Sam stated. “Very well we will test your sprinting speed first Samuel it wouldn’t be fair if we made you do some hurdling first as it would effect your sprinting speed”, Katherine stated. “We will both time your runs independently with stop watches”, she added. “You have to satisfy both of us to qualify for the position me in particular as my daughter is the sprinter and hurdler”, Daphne said. “Understandable”, Sam replied. “Very well Samuel on your marks and I will count you down from three”, as they walked to the posts indicating the start of the hundred metre run.

You want me to kneel down in the proper start position?”, Sam asked. “Yes of course for sprinting and hurdling”, Katherine replied. “Every time”, she added. “We have to ensure your continuity as well and your capability I will be at the other end”, Daphne said. “Its important for my daughter Samantha to obtain her scholarship”, she added. “OK I understand”, Sam replied taking up the start position on one knee. He watched Daphne stride purposely to the posts marking the end of the hundred metre run. “On your marks”, Katherine said and Sam tensed his body ready when Daphne was in position. “Get set”, she said and Sam raised his body slightly ready to spring forth. “Go”, Katherine said and started her stop watch as Sam sprang up and forward sprinting down the gymnasium as fast as he could.

Sam could see Daphne at the other end looking at her own stop watch. Sam ran as fast as he could closing the distant as quickly as possible as he wanted to get the coaching job. “Excellent time”, Daphne said clicking her stop watch as Sam ran through the posts at the end of the hundred metre run. “OK on your marks ready to run back to the other end”, Daphne said as Sam stood there panting from his first hundred metre sprint. “What straight away?”, Sam asked. “Yes you can have a breather before you run back to me from the other end”, Daphne replied. “We need four sprint runs to be certain you are suitable for the position”, she added. “OK”, Sam replied kneeling down realising it was going to be a much tougher test than he thought. “Ready Katherine?”, Daphne shouted to Katherine at the other end of the Gymnasium. “Yes”, Katherine shouted back raising her hand.

OK on your marks”, Daphne said and Sam tensed his body again. “Get set”, she said and Sam slightly raised himself. “Go”, Daphne shouted loudly and Sam sprang forth running as fast as he could towards Katherine at the other end. They did give him a few minutes to recover before they made him run the third and fourth hundred metre sprints. “I say he passed satisfactorily?”, Katherine said. “I agree each run was slightly slower but more than adequate”, Daphne replied. “I passed then?”, Sam asked. “Yes the sprint test now we will test your hurdling”, Katherine replied. “Then for your swimming test”, Daphne said. Sam nodded realising he was going to be very weary when it was all over he only hoped it wouldn’t be for nothing.

They made Sam run the hurdles spaced over the hundred metre run four times until they were happy he could hurdle quickly and without knocking two many down. Fortunately Sam managed all four runs without knocking over a single hurdle. “Well done Samuel you have passed those two test with flying colours”, Daphne said. “Yes he did now lets see how he fares with the swimming tests”, Katherine said. “Swimming tests?”, Sam asked panting. “Yes tests I need to be sure your free stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly strokes are all up to scratch”, Katherine replied. “You will swim sufficient lengths of each in a given time to pass the tests”, she added. “I’ll need a break if you want to see me at my best”, Sam said wearily. “Very well half hour should be adequate for you fit athlete like you”, Katherine said clicking her stop watch.

Lets go to the swimming pool”, Katherine said leading them out of the gym. Sam followed the two women his naked body glistening with sweat from the exertion of sprinting and hurdling. He could see they were headed to a pair of double doors that led outside. “Is the swimming pool outside?”, Sam asked. “Yes of course its an out door pool unheated we do not mollycoddle our girls”, Katherine replied. “But I can’t go outside with nothing on”, Sam exclaimed. “Don’t worry there is no-one around as I told you earlier”, Katherine said. “Also there is large fence surrounding the pool so you won’t be seen”, she added. However Sam was not very happy with the prospect as an outside unheated pool would be very cold even though it was summer time.

Here we are”, Katherine said as she led them outside to a large pool surrounded by a high fence. The pool was large for a school it looked Olympic size. “Is this the official size?”, Sam asked as he looked at the large pool. “Yes its the correct Olympic length”, Katherine said. “OK Samuel when you rest time is up I want thirty free style lengths, twenty back stroke, twenty breast stroke and ten butterfly stroke”, Katherine said checking her stop watch. “What without a break?”, Sam asked. “No you may have five minutes between each that should be sufficient”, Katherine replied. “As my daughters coach you need not only to be fit but capable of pushing her to her limits and Deborah is a very good swimmer”, Katherine added. “OK I’ll do my best but eighty lengths in a comparatively short time is a real challenge”, Sam said. “Precisely Samuel”, Katherine replied.

OK when you are ready Samuel?”, Katherine said clicking her stop watch as the thirty minutes was up. “OK”, Sam replied and slipped into the pool at the shallow end. Sam gasped the water was cold chillingly cold. By the time Sam had finished thirty lengths he was shivering with cold and got out of the water to warm up while he rested before attempting the twenty lengths of back stroke. Katherine and brought a couple of towels from the changing rooms and Sam wrapped himself in them. “That was good effort I pleased with how quickly you did thirty lengths”, Katherine said. “Thanks”, Sam replied. “The water is really cold”, Sam said still shivering as he stood wrapped in the towels. “Its built for efficiency not luxury the girls learn to swim in it and perfect their swimming skills it would be waste of money to heat it when its not necessary”, Katherine said.

We have an in door pool for the winter months that isn’t heated either”, she added. “Can’t we use that?”, Sam asked. “No its a lot smaller and we need to establish whether you have to appropriate swimming skills and stamina so the Olympic length pool is ideal for that”, Katherine replied. “I believe his five minutes is up Katherine”, Daphne said looking at her watch. “Yes I believe you are right Daphne”, Katherine replied. “Let me take those for you?”, Katherine said holding her hand out. Sam handed Katherine the towels and slipped into the pool wincing as he slipped into the cold water. Sam performed the twenty lengths of back stroke as quickly as he could but was still shivering when he finished them. By the time he finished the breast strokes and butter fly strokes he was so cold he never thought he would get warm again.

You did well I am pleased to tell you that you passed the swimming tests”, Katherine said. “You were right Katherine this is the coach we are looking for”, Daphne said. “Congratulations Samuel you have got the job”, Katherine said. “Lets go back to my office to finish the paper work”, she added. Sam walked after Katherine and Daphne towards the door out of the pool. “Oh leave those here you don’t need them now”, Katherine said turning and pointing the towels Sam was wrapped in. “Eh, ... OK”, Sam stuttered and let the towels drop to the floor. He followed the two women naked again back to the head mistresses office. Back in the head mistresses office Sam was told of all the requirements of the post and what he would be paid and he signed the contract and several other forms. “OK Samuel the position of coach to out daughters is now officially yours”, Katherine said. “Thank you I really wanted to get it”, Sam replied with a smile.

OK is there anything you would like to asked us about the position?”, Katherine asked. “Well not about the job you have explained that very clearly”, Sam replied. “The thing I want to know is why you made me do everything naked?”, Sam said. “Ah yes forgive me Samuel I was just coming to that”, Katherine replied. Daphne and I are both members founder members of a society with a special way of living”, Katherine added. “What you are naturist s?”, Sam asked thinking he understood. “Eh no our society is a CFNM society”, Katherine replied. “That stands for clothed female naked male”, she added. “Does it well it certainly been that today”, Sam remarked more than a little surprised and shocked. “Yes behind closed doors and at our official gatherings our men and boys are all naked all the time”, Katherine said. “The summer camp is an official society gathering and all males there have to be naked all the time”, Daphne said. “So today has been a test to see if you could cope with that and it seems you can”, she added.

Do you still want the post Samuel?”, Katherine asked. “Yes of course”, Sam replied. “But I do really have to be naked all the time?”, he asked. “Yes twenty four seven I thinks the saying goes”, Katherine replied. “But don’t worry all the other males men and boys will be naked as well”, Katherine added. “Well that’s a relief I think”, Sam said. “Thank you Samuel next time we meet will be at the summer camp and I can introduce you to my daughter”, Daphne said. “Yes I will see you then”, Sam replied. “Thank you Katherine and well done for finding Samuel”, Daphne said. “I will leave you to finish things off”, she added. “Thank you Daphne and good afternoon”, Katherine said. “OK Samuel lets go back to the nurse and check your medical results”, Katherine said. Sam got up and followed Katherine back to the nurse’s office. Sam thought about what it would be like being naked all the time in front of women and girls it had been a strange experience today being naked while the four women he met all remained fully clothed. Sam was happy he got the job and would be even happier when he got all his clothes on.

What are the results of Samuel’s tests?”, Katherine asked the nurse as they entered her office. “All OK no problems found Head Mistress”, the nurse replied. “Good”, Katherine said. “Very well it seems like the position is yours Samuel”, Katherine told Sam. “I will explain things while you get dressed”, she added. Sam noticed that his clothes were piled neatly on a chair beside the nurses desk his suit jacket hanging the chair and the trousers over the jacket. “You know the pay and conditions of course as our society is a CFNM you will be required to be naked at all times at the camp site”, Katherine said as Sam found his briefs and slipped them on. “The camp site is in Suffolk a rail warrant will be posted to you along with a copy of your contract”, Katherine added as Sam pulled his suit trousers on. “When do I start?”, Sam asked as he put his white shirt on and started to button it up. “That will be in the documentation you receive please do not be late we expect punctuality”, Katherine replied.

Local directions are included in the travel plan and route is easy to follow”, Katherine stated as Sam put his shoes and socks on. “Think you now know enough but let me remind you the job of coach is important my daughters and Daphne’s daughters future is depending on it”, Katherine added. “Yes and I assure you I will do my best to make sure both girls will make the grade”, Sam replied. “Of course I expect no less”, Katherine said as Sam put his suit jacket on. “Thank you and congratulations we will me again at the camp site”, Katherine said standing up when Sam did. “Thank you for the opportunity”, Sam replied putting his tie in his jacket pocket. Katherine showed Sam the way back to the main entrance and bid him farewell again. Sam was elated at getting the position not just for the money but for the experience he would receive as a coach.

However he was also concerned slightly on how he would cope at being naked in front of women and girls who were clothed. The other men and boys there would also be naked but Sam wasn’t sure how much of a comfort that would be if any?. The large brown envelope arrived a couple of days later. It contained his rail warrant a copy of his contract and travel details of how to reach the camp site. The letter informed Sam that he was expected on the 27th of July and his contract would end on the 5th of September. “That was on Saturday only a few days away. Sam decided to take a small back pack with him as he wouldn’t need much in the way of clothing and nothing while at the camp only for the journey there and home.

When Sam got onto the platform at Liverpool street on the other side of London he found the nurse from the school already waiting for the same train. “Good morning Mr Dobson”. The nurse said. “Good morning Sam replied. “Or should I call you Samuel as we are now working colleagues?”, the nurse asked. “Yes please do but I prefer Sam”, Sam replied. “Sam it is then”, the nurse said. “My name is Janice by the way”, she added. “OK Janice”, Sam replied. “You are a member of this CFNM society as well I take it?”, Sam asked. “Yes I am and I really enjoy the situation I find it most gratifying”, Janice replied. “You must find concept of CFNM strange and embarrassing but to me and the others even the men and boys it is perfectly natural”, she added. “I may take a little while to get used to it”, Sam said. “I think you will be all right you seemed relaxed enough at the interview”, Janice replied. Sam nodded but was not convinced entirely.

The train pulled in interrupting their conversation. “Sam carry these on board for me?”, Janice said pointing to her two large suit cases. Sam picked them up and struggled on board with them as they were both quite heavy. “They should be fine on the luggage racks”, Janice said. Sam was panting by the time he got both heavy cases and his back pack on the over head luggage racks and the train was already moving. “Well done Sam take a seat”, Janice said patting the seat beside her. Sam sat down next to Janice and looked out the window and the train picked up speed. “OK what shall we talk about Sam?”, Janice asked. “Oh I’m not sure what do you suggest”, Sam replied. “Well you must curious to know more about the society?”, Janice said. “After all the concept of CFNM is not you have come across before I wager”, she added. “No its certainly new to me”, Sam replied. “Very well you can ask me all want to know about our CFNM society”, Janice stated.

Why do you insist all the males in your society men and boys are always naked?”, Sam asked. “Its a good way to keep them under control you’d be surprised how much of a calming influence it is”, Janice replied. “It also lets them know who is in charge of course”, Janice added. “Its not sexual or kinky thing then?”, Sam asked. “Well no but we do enjoy having all the men naked it gives a certain sexual thrill I must admit but its not the reason we do it”, Janice replied. “Since the society was formed it has flourished and is now very wealthy and able to sponsor new CFNM societies in this country and others”, Janice said. “Even the men admit to the success and agree that they have become better workers business men since”, she added. “Its a lot of things not just about sex then?”, Sam said. “Yes that about sums it up”, Janice replied.

I have to admit I enjoy along with the other women members looking at the naked men and older boys and you can’t help making comparisons whose bigger or smaller than who”, Janice stated glancing down at the crotch of Sam’s jeans. Sam flushed remembering being naked in front of her and wondering how he compared in Janice’s eyes. “It is embarrassing for new male adult members and teenagers coming through puberty but they get used to it eventually”, Janice said grinning. “Do you only allow families in the society?”, Sam asked. “Yes that is the rule”, Janice replied. “Your appointment is unusual as a young single male but not unprecedented”, Janice added. “So I will be the only single male in the camp?”, Sam asked. “More than likely well however many families bring along curious male relatives of friends to some of the societies functions”, Janice replied.

Its the best fun when a family brings along a teenage boy a friend of their son to the summer camp and he has to be naked in front of everyone. “Most of them are so embarrassed they can’t top getting an erection and are chased and teased wickedly by the teenage girls”, Janice added. Sam flushed again wondering if he would be able to stay soft in front off all the females at the camp. “Their erections don’t last long only until the girls catch them”, Janice said with a knowing grin. “You mean the girls make them?”, Sam asked a little shocked. “Yes they do indeed”, Janice replied. “Masturbation is encouraged in any male old enough to do it but not in private in front of the whole family and friends if they are present”, Janice stated clearly enjoying Sam’s embarrassment. “Shit”, Sam gasped feeling his cock stiffening in his jeans. “It keeps male hands and minds on other things”, Janice said with another knowing smile not missing the obvious bulge in Sam’s jeans.

They got to Brandon station about one o’clock in the afternoon. Sam had to carry Janice’s cases for her to the bus stop and onto the bus. The bus dropped them off on long straight road lined either side by tress that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. It was about a mile walk from the bus stop along the road to a bridal path that went through the forest. A hundred yards down the bridal path on the right there was a set of tall iron gates either side of the gates was a thick hedge as tall as the gates. “Here we are this the entrance”, Janice said stopping in front of the gates. Sam was not sorry it had been a struggle to carry Janice’s cases and his own back pack this far. Sam plonked the cases down with a sigh of relief as Janice pressed the button on the small intercom box beside the gate.

That was the first time Sam noticed it. “Hi its me Janice the nurse and Samuel Dobson the new coach”, Janice said into the intercom while looking up at the top of the gates. That’s when Sam noticed the small CCTV camera pointed down at them. “Good everyone is waiting to meet him”, the intercom replied. Sam recognised the voice as Katherine’s the head Mistress. “Please come Janice and Samuel”, Katherine said via the intercom and there was buzz as the lock on the gate clicked open. “Come on lets go”, Janice stepping through the gates. “Bring my cases please”, Janice added. Sam sighed and picked up Janice’s cases hoping he didn’t have much further to walk. The walkway just wide enough to drive a car or van down was enclosed on both sides by the tall thick hedge. It curved round for about a hundred yards to another set of gates where Katherine was waiting for them.

This gate could not be seen form the gate on the bridal path. “Good afternoon Janice”, Katherine said. “Welcome to the societies summer camp Samuel”, she added. The camp was quite large a square surrounded by the high hedge and a wide belt of trees and shrubs the rest of the area was grass. To one side were two dozen large steel framed tents. Beside the tents was a toilet and shower block the only permanent building on the site. On a large expanse of grass a running track had been marked out with white paint lines. Two of the lanes had hurdles down both straights. On the far side opposite the tents was a Olympic sized swimming pool. Half the pool was divided into three lanes for competitive swimming and half was open for recreational use. There was also a children’s play area with swings a slide and a sand pit. Sam took all this in as he entered the gates and looked round.

There were lots of people around families in the swimming pool and children on the swings and in the sand pit or running around the trees. Others were enjoying the sunshine on loungers or towels on the grass. Some of the women and girls had only swim wear on others were fully dressed but all the men and boys were naked. There seemed to be many more girls than boys a few younger boys half a dozen teenage boys the rest were middle aged fathers or grand fathers. As far as Sam could see he was the only younger man. As he looked round Sam realised nearly everyone in the camp was looking at him. “It must appear strange Samuel but I think you will get used to it once you settle in”, Katherine said when she saw the concern on Sam’s face. “I suppose so”, Sam replied not really convinced as he saw a group of six young girls in brightly patterned summer dresses and bare foot chasing after a naked teenage boy who from the look on his face was clearly not enjoying their attentions.

I’ll introduce you to Deborah and Samantha later I’m sure you want to meet them”, Katherine added. “Yes it would be good to meet them and discuss a training routine”, Sam replied. “Oh that can wait until tomorrow today you just have to settle in”, Katherine said. “As you are a single man with no family of society connections you will share a tent with Janice”, Katherine told Sam. “We will be nice and cosy Sam”, Janice said with a grin. “OK I’ll show you were it is bring my cases we need to get you naked like the rest of the men and boys”, Janice said. Sam followed Janice weighed down with her cases.

The tents turned out to be well equipped and comfortable with electricity and canvas air beds on loungers nice looking warm sleeping bags on top of the air beds. There was not a lot of room in the tent just enough to walk between the two beds. However out side each tent was a canvas awning with chairs and table to sit at. “Leave them their I’ll unpack later you need to get your clothes off”, Janice said when they got in the tent. “Katherine will want you to meet Deborah and Samantha remember”, Janice added.

Janice waited while Sam removed his clothes and stowed them in his back pack. He felt apprehensive at stripping and being naked in front of Janice even though he done it before. However as apprehensive as when he stepped out of the tent naked. “See that wasn’t so hard after all was it Sam”, Janice said as they strode across the grass towards Katherine’s tent. Sam now felt really self conscious as people stared at his naked body particularly the women and girls whose eyes seemed to be concentrating on his genitals. Sam couldn’t help blushing the group of young girls still chasing the older teenage boy stopped and giggled when they saw him. “They will stare and do things like that all the girls will until they get used to seeing you”, Janice said smiling at Sam’s embarrassment. “Mind you they are a group of little terrors and Derrick definitely won’t be happy when they catch him”, she added. Derrick must have been about fifteen or sixteen a 5’ 11” tall and slim with short mousy hair. Derrick no upper body hair and only a few wisps of pubic hair around his groin his cock semi erect flopped around as he ran from his pursuers.

Quick he’s getting away”, one of the young girls shouted and they all ran screaming after Derrick who ran into the trees. They carried on to Katherine’s tent and found Daphne was sitting in side with her. “Ah Samuel, Janice you know Daphne”, Katherine said. “Yes hello how are you?”, Sam said greeting Daphne his other employer. “Afternoon you’re looking in good health Samuel”, Daphne said. “Here to meet the girls?”, Daphne said. “Yes we need to get to know each other if I’m going to be their coach”, Sam replied conscious of all three women’s eyes on his naked body. “I believe they are eager to meet you although I’m not sure where they have got to”, Daphne said. “Do you Katherine?”, she asked. “It will be my son George’s fault they are both with him he has just arrived to today and Deborah hasn’t seen him for ages accept last week at his passing out parade”, Katherine replied.

Congratulations he graduated from Sandhurst I take it?”, Daphne said. “Yes he’s here for a few days leave before joining his regiment”, Katherine replied. “Deborah will be testing his hand to hand combat skills”, she added. “I see and he will have his hands full as Samantha is a keen wrestler as well”, Daphne said. “Both girls wrestle and are very good and they particularly like wrestling boys”, Katherine explained to Sam. “George is one of the few boys who can hold his own with these two spunky young female wrestlers”, Katherine added. “Buy I expect even he won’t be able to stand up to both of them”, Daphne said. “More than likely but we need to get them its nearly time for the barbecue”, Katherine replied. “Of course they will be in that little dell in the trees well away from prying young eyes”, Daphne said. “Maybe not we just saw the little terrors chasing Derrick into the trees in that direction”, Janice said. “Lets go then Daphne lead the way”, Katherine said.

Sam walked with the three women across the grassy area and passed the swimming pool and into the trees. About forty yards and one a winding path they came into a small round grassy Dell. Sat round the edge were six young girls who had been chasing the teenage boy. In the middle of the Dell two tall athletic girls in white blouse and a denim dress the other in T-shirt and short skirt were wrestling with two naked men. One had to be Deborah in the blouse and denim skirt as she looked like her mother Katherine was wrestling with the younger looking teenager Derrick and had him pinned to the grass underneath her. The other who looked like Daphne had to be in the T-shirt and short skirt Samantha she had an older looking man who must be George in a body scissors and was trying to squeeze a submission out of him. The six younger girls watched enjoying seeing the boys bested by the two girls.

Oh mummy how are you poor little Derrick has just submitted to me”, Deborah said waving to her mother. “Hi mum I’m about to get George to submit you’re just in time to see it”, Samantha said smiling gleefully. On closer inspection Sam could see that Katherine had her crotch tightly pressed into Derrick’s face smothering him and restricting his breathing. His cock was hard and poking up in the air from a combination of the excitement and embarrassment of being beaten by a girl in front of other girls and his slow asphyxiation.

Derrick’s cock was about average size but quite thin. The six young girls watching were all giggling pointing at Derrick’s erection. Samantha had her legs around George’s waist and was crushing him with her body scissors. Unlike Derrick George’s body was quite hairy even hairier than Sam’s who was considered to be quite hairy. George had short black curly hair and his body was covered with fairly thick dark hair. George had a thick dark forest of black pubic hair covering his groin. George’s average size cock was fully erect poking free of mass of black pubic hair. George was groaning his arms clawing at Samantha’s crushing thighs. Samantha had her short skirt thrown back exposing her sexy red panties as she squeezed the life out of George with her thighs. “Come on George give up Debbie couldn't beat but I will”, Samantha said as she punished George with her crushing thighs. “No way I won't submit”, George groaned and managed to yank Samantha's legs apart freeing himself. “I nearly had you nearly made you cum George”, Samantha said as George got his knees and stood up. “George’s face want red when he realised who was watching his near humbling at the hands of a younger girl. “Nice try Sam”, Deborah said standing up leaving a Derrick lying breathless and weary on the grass.

Well girls if you are finished I want you to meet Samuel your coach”, Katherine said. “Oh yes mother we have finished”, Deborah replied. Girl’s I leave Derrick to you he’s no position to resist”, Deborah told the six excited young girls watching. Sam now got a better look at George as he stood there panting. George was very hairy much more hairy than he was. George had a thick mass of black hair on his chest and triangle of thick black hair that ran down from his navel to the dark forest of black pubic hair at is groin. Sam now also noticed that George’s black hair although cut short was thick and curly. Sam was quite proud of his hairy chest but it looked really sparse compared to George’s thick carpet of black chest hair. Sam looked at Deborah then at George and then at their mother Katherine. Deborah looked like a younger version of Katherine her mother but George didn’t look like either of them. Katherine noticed Sam’s confusion and smiled. “George takes after his father Dmitri who is Greek and as you see Deborah takes after me”, Katherine stated. “Oh I was just wondering”, Sam replied. Sam watched George stomp of clearly annoyed been seen to nearly lose to Samantha and having a erection as well

OK lets go back to my tent and we can have a formal introduction”, Katherine stated. Katherine led the way back to her tent leaving behind the excited squeals of delight from the six young girls as they fell on the naked and helpless teenage boy Derrick. As they walked back to Katherine’s tent Sam was aware of Samantha and Deborah staring at his naked body and exchanging smiles and comments. Sam realised that the girls were making assessments about him and his body. Being naked in front of these two teenage girls while clearly embarrassing was strangely thrilling as well and Sam was alarmed when he noticed his cock stiffening. By the time they reached Katherine’s tent he had an erection. Deborah and Samantha found it highly amusing and made Sam blush. “Don’t worry Samuel that happens to all novice men when they begin their CFNM life style”, Katherine said with a knowing smile.

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cover of the female on male domination storybook white slave the adventures of Rick Caribbean Hell part 1 available from battle annals


Extract from the female on male domination storybook white slave the adventures of Rick Caribbean Hell part 1 available from battle annals



Rick was hot and sweaty lying on the beach, the towel damp beneath him from his sweat. He had been sun bathing on this deserted beach for, about two hours. It was early afternoon, and the sun was at its zenith, the temperature in the high eighties. He decided it was about time to find some shade, and relax out of the glaring heat of the sun.

The beach was on the unpopulated side of the island. The island had been named Purity by its discoverers, last century. They had been an obscure religious sect, who banned all sexual, and social relations between its followers. This rule however proved to be their downfall. For it was so rigidly enforced that, they did not produce any children, and new followers were unwilling to join such a strict order. Purity was one of the numerous small islands dotted around the Caribbean.

The last remaining survivors of the order, had no choice but to sell the island to a wealthy English business man. He lived on the island until he died. At which time the island reverted to his grand daughter, who was the present owner. After his death his business failed, and his granddaughter was forced to lease a large part of the island to a large holiday company. They built a holiday resort on the leased side of the island. That is how Rick came to be there. He was staying at one of their hotels.

Rick had been reminiscing while he lay soaking up the sun. This local history lesson had been given to him by Sophie, the receptionist at his hotel. They were in bed at the time, and she had been giving him one of the most mind shattering blow jobs he had ever had. Six times Sophie brought Rick to the brink, and only stopped him from coming. By pinching the base of his penis, until its throbbing motion ceased. When she finally let Rick come, his prick exploded, and he screamed at the top of his voice. Rick's prick pumped, and pumped for what seemed an eternity, into Sophie greedy mouth. She swallowed every last drop of spunk. Milking his balls dry.

Rick's cock was now standing proud, straining the cotton fabric of his underpants, as he recalled that magic moment. Rick had stripped down to his underpants to sun bathe, as the beach was deserted. Sophie warned him that this side of the island was the private property of the governess, as she liked to be called. Apparently she despised, and punished any trespassers she caught on her land. Rick ignored this warning to his peril, as he later discovered. Rick put Sophie warning down to her jealousy. She had called the governess a stuck up tight arsed cruel bitch.

Two days later bored, and at a loose end. Rick decided to explore the rest of the island. This is how he came to be laying sun bathing on this beach. Rick lay there beaded in sweat waiting for his prick to subside, from its excited state. When it returned to its former limp condition, he got up and dried himself. Rick put on his singlet, and shorts. Pulling on his trainers, he bent down, and tied the laces. Rick then stood up, and looked about. He wondered where he was going to find some shade on this beach. Certainly not the way he had come, there was not a single break in a thick growth of thorn bushes, that appeared impenetrable, and prevented anyone from leaving the beach.

He carried on further down the beach. He had gone about a mile, and a half. By which time he had just about resigned himself to returning the way he had come. When he heard voices, they sounded feint, and remote, but as he carried on they grew louder. Rick walked to the edge of the undergrowth, and discovered a small well-hidden track. The track wound to and throw as it entered the thick undergrowth. The further he went down the track the louder the voices became, and louder. Rick noticed a small hole in the thorn bushes that formed the left side of the track boundary.

Peering through this hole, he got a shock but a pleasant shock. The hole looked onto a small clearing. In the clearing were three sun tanned women dressed in skimpy bikinis. One was lying down enjoying the sun, while the other two were wrestling. The two wrestlers were really setting too with each other. Punches, and kicks, flying with cruel holds being applied. There could have been very few if any rules at all to their wrestling. Either wrestler did not refrain from squeezing, twisting, punching, or kicking the others breasts or crotch

Rick watched transfixed. His prick began to become aroused at the sight before him. It soon hardened into a full erection. So bemused, and intent was Rick with the spectacle before him, that he failed to notice that the third women, had caught sight of his head peering through the hole. She had sneaked around, and now stood directly behind him. "Enjoying the view", a husky voice whispered in his ear, making him jump in surprise. "Do you always trespass on private property, and spy on people", she asked Rick.

He couldn't speak. He just stood there open mouthed. "Nothing to say Eh", "Or are you just one of those perverted peeping toms", she asked. "No Eh uh", he spluttered in reply. "May be not, but do you always wander over peoples private property without any regard to their privacy", she inquired. "Eh no Eh I was just curious after all the stories I've heard", he said. "Well now that your here you might as well come around into the open, so that we can decide what to do with you", she said coldly.

Rick followed her around into the clearing. The other two who were still wrestling, stopped when they saw Rick with her. "My name is Sylvia, and these two are called Audrey, and Diana", she announced. "What by the way is your name then", asked Sylvia. "Rick", he replied. "Well I can see you were certainly enjoying the spectacle", said Sylvia eyeing his groin. Rick's prick was struggling to burst out of his black underpants, hat were clearly visible through his yellow nylon shorts. Rick blushed his face turning bright red, and placed his hands over his groin.

"Audrey, and Diana sniggered in the back ground. "Come sit down next to me, and watch the rest of the bout", invited Sylvia. Rick sat next to Sylvia, and she said, "They are wrestling to decide which one of them will face the champion. "Oh", he said. "The champion of course is myself", she said. Rick was taken back by her statement. "You don't look much like a wrestler to me", he stated. "What does a wrestler look like then", she asked. "I don't know", he said, "All ugly, and muscle bound", I suppose. "You obviously don't approve, but you certainly enjoy watching though", expressed Sylvia.

As she eyed his groin again, which had now softened, and was not so prominent. "I have nothing against women wrestlers", he said, "They have their novelty value". "Pitted against men of course they don't have much chance", he added. "So you don't think women can fight, and beat men then", asked Sylvia. "No not generally speaking", he replied. "So I couldn't beat you for example", she quizzed. "No I am sure you don't have the strength", he said. "Care to prove it Rick", she challenged. "No not really, he said. "Not scared of losing are you big boy Rick", she teased. "Nah, I just can't be bothered in this heat", he retorted.

"Not even if we were to make it worth your while", she challenged. "What do you mean by making it worth my while", he asked. "If you won the three of us would give you something to remember us by", she answered. "Of course were you to, lose to me", said Sylvia. "Then you will admit your guilty of trespass against my mistress", she continued. "Placing yourself at my mercy, letting me decide your fitting punishment", she said. Finally the thought of these three stunning women, and himself in a steamy orgy brought his prick bounding back to life.

Rick didn't like the idea of the second scenario. As he could beat any women in a fight, he decided to agree. "I see you are tempted", she said, as her hand strayed to his groin gently squeezing his balls. "OK I accept, when do we start", he gasped. "Not here back at the house where I have a proper ring in the basement", answered Sylvia. "Come on girls Rick has challenged me to a wrestling match", "We are returning to the house", she announced

Rick followed her, and the girls down a path leading out of the opposite end of the clearing. They left the sunny world, and entered, a twilight world. The sun was blotted out by the thick growth of bushes. The temperature was considerably lower. The air smelt dank and mouldy. It must have been a mile or a little further until they emerged again from the trees. By which time Rick was shivering, and covered in goose pimples. He was glad to be back in the sun. His body was destined to be warmed up very shortly but not by the sun.

The house was small by European standards by not over small. It was surrounded by a ring of tall tress. The trees must have been to shade the house from the sun. They couldn't have been for privacy. There were not any neighbouring housed to be seen anywhere. They entered what must have been the back garden through a small metal gate. The garden consisted of a simple lawn. At one end of the lawn were three loungers, at the other end where rubber gym mats covering the grass. "That is where we practice", said Sylvia pointing to the mats.

Audrey, and Diana came and stood either side of him. Their hands began to wander over his upper body. Diana took hold of Rick's singlet, and pulled up, and over his head. She then cast it to the ground behind her. Her hands then rejoined Audrey's that were still wandering over his torso. Encouraged by their actions, he spread his arms out each side, and started to caress their bodies. Audrey, and Diana each started to toy with a nipple of his. They twisted them between their fingers tweaking, and pinching them. Rick's nipples were soon erect, and rock hard. He slipped a hand into each of their bikini tops. His hands began to tease, and play with their breasts, and nipples.

As he toyed with their breasts, their hands left his now tender nipples. Audrey's hands slipped down his chest towards the waistband of his shorts. Her hand entered Rick's shorts, and slid into his underpants. Her hand clasped itself around Rick's penis. She expertly pulled his foreskin back exposing his naked knobend. She began to wickedly tease his prick, and balls with her fingers. Rick's prick hardened instantly, and started to buck spasmodically.

Diana's hands meanwhile had run up from his chest, and over onto his back. Her finger traced a line down his spine towards his buttocks, making him shudder. Her hand entered Rick's shorts, and began to toy with his arse. Rick gasped as she forced her forefinger into his arse, wiggling, and twisting it all the time. Rick wondered how long he could survive such an onslaught. Sweat ran down his back, as he bucked, and writhed in ecstasy. Rick's prick quickly reached the breaking point.

The girls sensing his imminent collapse wrestled him to the ground. They whipped his shorts, and underpants off flinging them aside. They then returned to their work redoubling their efforts. They quickly pushed aside the last remnants of his resistance. Rick's prick exploded, showering spunk in the air. As it subsided, he lay on the ground exhausted, and spent. Rick's body was drenched in sweat. "Enjoy that did you Rick", asked Sylvia, "Come on girls there is still plenty to do", she ordered. Audrey, and Diana followed Sylvia into the house. "Sylvia looked back and said to him, "Rest, and recover on the lounger while we are getting prepared".

Rick collected his clothes and lay them down beside the lounger to dry in the sun. He then lay down on the lounger naked, and quickly dozed off so exhausted was he. Rick awoke some time later. He checked and found that his underpants were now dry. He slipped them on, and had just laid down again when they returned Sylvia, Audrey, and Diana were now dressed in leotards. Sylvia lay down on the lounger next to his. "Rick my dear boy you don't look up to a wrestling match just now", she said. "Therefore Audrey, and Diana will finish the match you interrupted", stated Sylvia.

Audrey, and Diana faced each other on the mats. "Who do you think will win Rick", asked Sylvia, "Audrey", was his reply. "I fancy Diana myself", said Sylvia. "Would you care for a small wager Rick", she asked. "What wager", he inquired. "Simply this if Audrey wins then, you will receive another session with the girls", "If Diana wins then you must please, and service us", Sylvia informed him. "I except", he said.

Audrey, and Diana battled furiously, with uncompromising tenacity. Kicks, and punches were exchanged drawing gasps, and squeals from opponents alike. Audrey's knee found Diana's crouch, doubling her up in agony. Audrey was easily able to pin Diana to the ground in her injured state. In doing so she achieved the winning pin. Audrey was the winner, and so was Rick.

Audrey, and Diana stood over Rick looking down on him as he lay on the lounger. Audrey bent down and clasped the waistband on his underpants in her hand. She pulled them down, and off leaving Rick naked. Her hands took hold of his genitals, and with nimble fingers, quickly brought him to a full erection. She tugged Rick by the penis towards her. He now lay his side. Her greedy mouth closed over Rick's exposed purple helmet.

Audrey began to suck it greedily, while her long nailed fingers began to play with his scrotum. Rick started to moan, and groan in a mixture of pain, and pleasure. While Audrey's teeth nibbled his helmet, she sucked harder, and harder. As he recalled Audrey was none to gentle with his scrotum, her nails squeezing, and clawing his balls.

Meanwhile Diana had started to work on Rick's arse, forcing her fore finger up it. Until she found, and tweaked his vulnerable, and sensitive prostrate gland, mercilessly. All the strength his my body drained out instantly, and he slumped limp on the lounger. Diana didn't stop there she forced another finger up his arse, followed by a third, forcing Rick's rear passage wider apart.

She was preparing the way for a large butt plug that was liberally greased. Diana forced it up his arse. Rick's arse felt as if it would split under the force of this solid invader. He shuddered, and gasped as the butt plug began to vibrate vigorously. It stimulated, and teased Rick's prostate gland, forcing him to breathe faster, and harder. The vibration made his arse surge in time with Audrey's strong rhythmic sucks on his prick. Rick's prick now grew larger, and harder than it had ever been. Rick was driven wild, and crazy by the stimulation of his body.

Audrey sensing Rick's immanent collapse increased her assault on my prick. Her teeth painfully nipped his helmet, while her long finger nails, twisted, and squeezed the cob giggling around in his ball bag. Diana now started to twist, and tweak Rick's nipples. She soon had them erect, and rock hard. Diana started to suck, and bite them, her teeth tore, at them madly.

Sweating buckets writhing, and squealing Rick sensed the spunk beginning to well up in his prick. Audrey noting the change in pressure, dug her teeth cruelly into his knobend, and gave a tremendous suck. Rick screamed in pain, and exploded into her mouth. She greedily swallowed his spunk down, squeezing, and milking every last drop. Rick's prick flopped limp softening to a wimpish stump, as he lay panting between them.

To his horror, Audrey, and Diana didn't stop there. Diana continued to bite, and suck Rick's nipples, while Audrey continued to play with his penis massaging it strongly. Her nail dug into the vee of Rick's arrow head, causing his prick to surge with life again. This combined with the butt plug that was still throbbing away in his arse, quickly made him rock hard.

Diana, and Audrey swapped places, and Diana's mouth slipped over the end of Rick's swollen knobend. They quickly drove him to the height of ecstasy. With they're combined sucking, and biting. However it took Rick much longer to come this time, and he was forced to endure their devastating duel assault for several minutes. He finally exploded in Diana's mouth, so exhausted was he that he slipped into unconsciousness.

When Rick woke up, he found himself lying on the beach only wearing his underpants. He wondered if it had all been a dream, and had been laying there all the time. Rick glanced at his watch it was five minutes to four in the afternoon, time to return to the hotel. As he got up Rick felt strangely weary, his cock, and arse throbbed. Rick pulled down his underpants, and inspected his penis. It was red, and shrivelled, and very tender. His arse was sore, and numb while his nipples were also red, and tender.

Rick concluded that it couldn't have been just a dream. They must have carried him to the beach while he was still out of it. Dream or not he was glad he had got through the experience relatively unscathed. Rick certainly didn't relish the idea of being charged with trespass. However he quite fancied the notion of wrestling with Sylvia. Never mind he thought. He was probably better off out of it. Rick quickly dressed in his shorts' singlet, and trainers, and returned to the hotel.

By the next morning Rick had all but forgot his little adventure yesterday afternoon. As he was about to leave the hotel following breakfast the receptionist handed him a letter. She informed him that it was delivered by hand, and was for his urgent attention. Rick sat on the patio wondering who on this island would send him a letter, and an urgent one at that. When he read the letter he discovered that it was from Sylvia. She reminded him that they still had an appointment in the wrestling ring. She hoped that he wouldn't attempt to back out of it. She took pains to inform him that he was guilty of trespass.

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